5 New Ways Businesses are Using Outdoor LED Signs


Because of their brightness, especially outdoors, LED signs are growing in popularity. FASTSIGNS highlights 5 ways your business can benefit.

LED signs are more popular than ever as businesses and organizations continue to choose the flat-panel displays to advertise, inform and entertain. One of the great advantages of LED signs is their brightness, which allows them to be used outdoors. Outdoor LED signs are brighter than any other illuminated signage and can be clearly seen even in direct sunlight. Another advantage of outdoor LED signs is their customization capabilities. These signs allow business owners to shift their message or react in real-time. That versatility means business are finding creative strategies for using their outdoor LED signage. Here are five new ways business are using outdoor LED signs:

Real-Time Information


Photo credit:  AdWeek

LED billboards can be quickly changed or updated, which makes them more dynamic than your standard billboard. Many businesses are using that capability to give customers information in real-time. McDonald’s used this outdoor LED sign to give skiers an updated snow total for the nearby Whistler resort area in Vancouver. The whipped cream, on top of a McDonald’s espresso drink, rises and falls with the changing snowfall totals.

Updated Wait Times


Photo credit: Steve Marcus

Similar to the snowfall billboard, this outdoor LED sign takes advantage of its real-time capabilities. This network of hospitals in the Las Vegas area used a smaller LED sign within a standard billboard to let people know how long the average wait time is at each of its hospitals. The times are updated every 30 minutes and represent the average time it takes for a patient to be seen by a physician. In a Vegas Inc. article, the hospital’s vice president of marketing noted, “Sometimes the ER that’s closest to you is not the ER that’s fastest for you.” These signs can help you get the care you need in the quickest way possible.

Public Service Warnings and Updates


Photo credit: Digital Signage Today

You hope to never use outdoor LED signs for this reason, but some events are so urgent that the public must be notified immediately. For instance, the city of Boston used LED signs to communicate with citizens in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. The signs allowed the city to broadcast transportation issues as well as update citizens on the status of the bombing suspects.

Large-Scale Entertainment


Photo credit: Pedro Angelini

LED displays are so visually impressive that some businesses are using them on a massive scale. The Taipei Arena in Taiwan is home to this huge LED screen, the biggest in the world at the time it was installed. Originally, the screen was to be used primarily for advertising and promoting the arena’s events, including ice hockey, ice skating, basketball and table tennis. But as the arena and the surrounding area came to be known by its massive display, the arena’s owners began streaming live sports and even full movies.

Storefront Promotion


Photo credit: Digital Signage Today

The ability to feature different forms of content on LED screens is a big bonus for retail store owners, who attract many customers with their storefront displays. Outdoor LED signage allows owners to promote deals or showcase their products to potential customers. Selfridges, a department store in the U.K., used a LED touchscreen display to promote a new fashion line while also allowing passersby to interact with their brand.

Outdoor business signs no longer have to be limited to sharing the time and temperature. They can be dynamic, interactive and informational tools that both customers and businesses can appreciate. Let FASTSIGNS help you find the best way to use your outdoor LED signs.