The Future of Visual Communications in Manufacturing


We aren’t the first to discuss how visual communications can benefit the manufacturing industry. You can find dozens of articles and reports detailing how a visual communication strategy improves the manufacturing process. But most of those articles and reports focus on how visual communications enhances facility safety. And that’s true and obviously very important. Perhaps no safety precaution is as effective as a coherent and consistent network of signs that educate and alert manufacturing employees. But in addition to increased safety, installing a comprehensive visual communication strategy can maximize efficiency and ultimately, bolster your bottom line. Let’s take a look at how manufacturing signage is improving the process now and in the future.


Manufacturing has always been inspired by a systematic approach to production. With information more readily available than ever, manufacturing companies are in a perfect position to combine analytics and digital technology to better understand performance.

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Digital displays are now able to represent complex information in easily digestible graphics that can be used to guide strategy. For example, according to manufacturing software company MRPEasy, one of the most important indicators of performance is “Productivity in Revenue per Employee”. This likely has always been measured, but the ability to display the information through graphs and other visual strategies helps clarify and reinforce successful – and unsuccessful – performance strategies.


Many manufacturing companies operate out of multiple facilities that can be hundreds of miles apart. That distance makes replicating processes across facilities a difficult job, but with the help of digital manufacturing signs, manufacturing businesses are now able to share information instantly from one facility to the next. This ensures consistent best practices, efficient production and even the ability to collaborate and improve the manufacturing process.

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Operation and Maintenance

One of the most recent developments in machine operations is the use of video. Screens installed at the machine site are capable of contacting the machine manufacturers or experts. These experts can instruct employees in the case of maintenance needs or proper operation. The videos can then be recorded, analyzed and used for employee training, once again ensuring consistency and efficiency.

A comprehensive visual communications strategy, including manufacturing signage, can enhance safety at every facility. And that should be a focus for companies everywhere, but the potential for digital technology to improve the manufacturing process shouldn’t be overlooked.

Digital products have a unique ability to decipher complicated information and not only display that information, but also provide the motivation for improvement and profit. Contact FASTSIGNS now to discuss opportunities to take your manufacturing facility performance to the next level.

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