Why Choosing a Digital Sign System is Like Building an Engine



Most sources would cite Karl Benz as inventing the first gasoline powered automobile. He no doubt went through more than a few iterations to get it right and even then it was nothing like the cars that wear his name today. Any engine builder will tell you that an engine is really worth the sum of all its parts. Without the right components you get something that underperforms or maybe doesn’t even run at all. Choosing a digital signage solution to help you achieve an objective like increasing sales, educating employees or directing guests can seem complicated. A lot of people can piece together a system that will play basic slides but it takes some careful consideration to align the solution with your business objectives, resources and to connect with your audience. Let’s take a look at what you will need to get to the finish line.

Content is the gasoline

Without content you are going nowhere. You can buy the biggest display and invest in the most expensive software but you must have a content strategy and resources to keep the content fresh. You should also measure the results of your content much like a fuel gauge tells you when to fill up again. All of this can be achieved by sitting down with a content expert and answering some important questions. Also, if you let the content run dry your digital signage will be nothing more than a car up on blocks.

Software is the fuel delivery

In an engine you have components that measure and deliver just the right amount of fuel to keep you moving farther or faster. Content management software is a similar concept in that it helps you determine how much and which content to deliver to the appropriate display. If you choose the wrong software you could end up with limitations that keep your content from meeting its potential. Remember, a sports car fuels up at the system gas station as the van but it uses the fuel differently.

The display is the shiny paint

If someone wanted to see your new car you probably wouldn’t take them outside to examine the lug nuts. If someone wanted to see your new digital sign you would likely show them the shiny hardware such as the display. In reality the most important parts of a car or digital sign system happen behind the shiny paint or big screens. Yes, you need the display but if you don’t start with the content you could end up with little more than a showpiece. Nobody feels the wind in their hair when they sit in the garage. There are of course many additional pieces such as mounts, cables, players and more to make up a successful digital sign system just like a car still needs tires and seats. If you are considering deploying digital signage in your business or organization you will have a head start by working with a professional. Your car shouldn’t settle on a shade tree mechanic and neither should an investment like digital signage.