How to Maximize Workflow and Boost Productivity with Signs and Visual Graphics


Maximize your workplace productivity with a well-placed sign or label from FASTSIGNS. Check out these unique use-cases and find your next solution today.

Efficiency and multi-tasking are becoming more and more ingrained into modern culture. This growing expectation of efficiency touches all industries--from hospitals working to provide the best possible care, to manufacturers wanting to improve traffic flow for fulfillment procedures in warehouses, to schools wanting to get students fed on time. Companies and organizations can keep people, materials and processes flowing smoothly, helping to eliminate bottlenecks and improve communication, with signs and visual graphics.

Direct Their Path


Wayfinding signage creates a more productive and organized environment by getting employees and visitors where they need to go. Ensure all walking paths are clear and accessible with easy to read wayfinding signs and visual graphics. Help guide the way with well-placed directional signs and floor graphics.  

Visually Organize

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Utilize area identification signs to identify departments, production areas, patient rooms, and specific exits and entries. For visual clarity, assign certain colors to each category of equipment and label each accordingly.  

Inform and Engage

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Keep employees informed and engaged with glassboards and digital signs that can house real-time sales goals and results, daily meeting schedules, new product or procedures information, and daily motivational quotes for inspiration. Integrate wall graphics and safety signs into employee areas to help educate about company processes, promote brand culture, and protect people and assets.

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Utilize signs and visual graphics to create an organized, efficient work environment. Well-planned signage that maximizes workflow helps support employees in achieving their best work, and provides a better product or service to customers.