Easing Patient Stress with Custom Décor and Graphics


With custom signs and graphics, healthcare facilities can help change the experience for their patients and visitors with visuals that help people relax.

Whether it’s the sterile, cold feeling you get walking through the doors or the fear of bad news, hospitals are notorious for making people uncomfortable. With custom signs and graphics, however, healthcare facilities can help change the experience for their patients and visitors with visuals that help people relax.

For kids, visiting the hospital can be a scary event. In their minds, it all starts with sitting in a quiet waiting room, knowing a booster shot may be waiting for them in one of the exam rooms. But reinventing the waiting area can help ease the fear children experience. Hospitals can create a kid- friendly space with colorful graphics and signage. Magnetic walls are a great way to engage kids by allowing them to move magnetic shapes around on magnet-receptive wall graphics. Kids can make animals run through a giant jungle scene or build massive skyscrapers that will never topple against a big city backdrop.


Extending that fun waiting room theme throughout the rest of the facility helps take away the fear of the unknown for kids by making it all feel somewhat familiar. Animal-shaped room number signs, paw print floor graphics in the halls and ceiling tiles printed with birds soaring overhead make a visit to the doctor a unique adventure.

For adults, the sources of stress are a bit different. Just finding where you’re going in a large, multi-level healthcare facility can increase a person’s heart rate. Clear wayfinding signage is the best way to help a first time patient feel welcome and at-ease. Facility managers can take this a step further by using digital directories that cycle between a listing of the offices in the building and maps of where each one is located.


Once arriving at the appropriate office, a custom logo wall behind the reception desk can make patients feel as though they are walking into a high-end spa, rather than a doctor’s office. Encompass the waiting room with the same feeling of relaxation with calming colors, wall murals of picturesque locales and comfortable seating.

Another complaint many patients have about healthcare offices is the feeling that the rooms and hallways are closed-in and dark. By using semi-opaque frosted window vinyl on glass walls and office windows, healthcare professionals can ensure their facilities feel open and airy by letting natural light in without sacrificing privacy. This also provides a high-end aesthetic that is sometimes absent in hospitals.

Changing a patient’s perception using signs and graphics is an easy way to increase patient satisfaction and reduce the unease people feel when visiting the doctor. With so many options for ways to customize a healthcare facility’s décor, there’s no limit to the ways practices can make their clients feel welcome and comfortable when they walk through the door.