4 Ways to Lead the Way with Digital Wayfinding Signage


We know directional and wayfinding signage help people get where they need to go and enhance the visitor experience, but let’s take a deeper look at the different types of digital signage and the benefits of using them for wayfinding.


1. Welcome visitors and patrons to your location using digital displays outside of your location. Communicate timely updates about programs or promotions, event locations and community messages on the screen.


2. Using interactive digital kiosks can help people get their bearings and find their way faster. Interactive maps with your facility’s floor plans help people browse, search and select where they want to go and find the best route to get there. Use color codes to help distinguish various wings, floors and buildings in your complex.


3. Digital directories make your facility more efficient for employees and visitors, and help everyone be in the right place at the right time. Displaying a digital directory in a key area allows people to look up and identify where offices, meeting rooms and specific departments are located.


4. Take your wayfinding signs a step further by incorporating digital room identification signs and scheduling programs. Communicate content specific to each room or area, and display consistent, up-to-the-minute information across all of the displays. For example, if a room is reserved or in-use, details about the scheduled meeting, duration and who is attending can be displayed.

Whether it’s a single interactive kiosk or a network of digital directory displays, digital wayfinding signage fosters an enhanced visitor experience and provides an engaging way to communicate with customers, visitors and employees.