5 Ways to Get More People Through Your Doors With Door Signs


We walk in and out of doors every day. With that kind of continuous interaction, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to make your door a messaging space with an impactful door sign.

Here are five ways you can dress up your door signs to make the most of that daily exposure.

1. Turn Your Door into a Visual Focal Point

2. Disguise A Door By  Making It Look Like It’s Something Else

3. Refurbish a Door with a Vinyl Film to Make it Appear New

Apply a vinyl film to your door and you can convert it to a like-new door with an upgraded look in a short amount of time. By using substrates that cover the door and look like wood, metal or a textured design, you can protect the actual door, be creative and save money.

4. Make Your Door Sign Serve an Additional Purpose

Use a door sign such as etched glass decals around to extend your branding to your decor or for privacy. Whether you need privacy inside a space or from the outside of a space looking in, these applications can be perfect solutions.

5. Use Your Door Sign to Help People Find their Way

Use digital signage outside of conference rooms or patient rooms to direct visitors and guests to specific places. Digital door signs are easy to update and can be interactive.

When thinking about the signs and graphics in a space, don’t forget that doors are an integral part of your facility. Doors don’t have to just serve the purpose of entering and exiting rooms; they can be another messaging touchpoint.

What are some ways that you can think of dressing up your door signs? FASTSIGNS® is more than ready to help. Contact us today.