How to Launch a New Product or Service by Providing a Visual Experience


Countless hours of research, development, meetings, and pitches have occurred. You and your team have worked diligently to create a new product, service or event and the launch is fast approaching. You strategize about how to do the unveiling, how to integrate custom visual graphics that are unique and work seamlessly with your branding or event theme and how to create a great experience.

Finding Surfaces That Sell

Spread your message from floors and windows to doors and even ceilings. Use removable decals and window graphics to thank sponsors and generate excitement for program launches and product unveilings to come. Graphics applied to floors—whether concrete, tile or carpet—can extend your event message with each step attendees take.

Don’t just rely on word of mouth and the visibility (or lack thereof) of your location when it comes to your visual marketing plans. When launching a new product, service or event, get the word out all over town by turning your message into a mobile billboard via vehicle graphics. From displaying a new website address on your company car windows to showing your products using a full wrap on each van in your delivery fleet, vehicle graphics can turn heads at all hours, building awareness.


Getting Digital with It

Connect with visitors by designing an SMS text messaging campaign specific to your launch. For an upcoming museum exhibition, put together an opening day scavenger hunt that leads visitors through the exhibit hall by providing special nuggets of additional information about the featured collection on display. As attendees work their way through the scavenger hunt, additional SMS texts can be sent as hints. When complete, reward them with a discount for the gift shop or a future exhibit.

For a facility grand opening or to announce a new product or service, actively engage with guests by placing digital signs and kiosks in their path. Interactive digital signage provides additional opportunities to educate and engage visitors. Create digital content specific to whatever is new, highlighting features and benefits and extending the brand’s culture.


Display for All to See

Create special displays and product kiosks to spotlight an exciting new product. Eye-catching, branded point of purchase displays provide a uniquely creative outlet that can draw interest and pull customers in.


Creative displays can take the shape of a serving cart in a grocery store or serve as a sidewalk sign that reminds the lunchtime crowd of your new prepackaged deli meals. Point of purchase signs can be flexible and easily moved based on foot traffic. They can also be scaled to best fit your campaign needs.

Every organization wants to set their brand or event apart by executing a memorable launch. Employ unique visual communications that create an experience around your new product, service or event, and make a lasting impression on your audience.